Indiana Teller

Indiana Teller

In the endless Montana plains there is ranch Lykos. The neighbours are far from knowing its inhabitants are members of one of US most powerful werewolf clan. Only one human lives amongst them:Indiana Teller, 17.

Born from a human mother with powers and a werewolffather; Indiana is grandson and only heir to Karl, leader of the pack. Feeling estranged amongst his kind he fights to earn his place in the codified hierarchy set by his people, fantasycreatures living in hiding among humans.

Looking for a normal life, he joins Montana State Universitywhere he meets Katerina O’Hara and Tyler Brandkel, son of hisgrandfather’s werewolf archenemy. Indiana and Tyler know they can’t covet a human. But despite their clans’ warnings they both fall in love with Katerina.

Not long after, Indiana is involved in a terrible accident hemiraculously survives from by vanishing at the last moment.This event reveals a secret ability: he can turn back time everytime he is in danger. This is definitively an asset, as his accidentseems dubious: was he under an attack of the Brandkels who want to defeat Karl and take power? The safety of his pack has never been so much in danger. With help from his new gift, can Indiana find a way to avoid war?

• the new series from the bestest-selling french author in fantasy books

• the huge success of her series Tara Duncan: n°1 best-seller, more than 1 million copies sold. a tv series broadcasted on national tv since 2010

• the Indiana Teller series explores a great sci-fi theme – time travel,and dusts off werewolves myths with an amazing forbidden love story


The second volume

Indiana Teller Tome 2


Indiana is barely coming to terms with his mother’s abduction when his girlfriend Katerina’s father is savagely bitten by an unknownaggressor and left in a coma. Mad with fear and rage, the young woman blames her lover’s clan and seeks refuge with Indiana’s sworn enemy Tyler.

Determined to clear his werewolf family’s name, Indiana investigates and finally identifies the assailant: a vampire following Tyler’s orders. Faced with imminent exposure, Tyler suggests a harrowing deal:he will help Indiana save his mother if Indiana says nothing to Katerina and gives her up forever. Torn between passion and duty to hismother, will Indiana refuse this twisted blackmail, even if it risksdisrupting the fragile balance of the clans?

• the first volume was a youth fiction bestseller. the new series, indiana teller, achieved the best sales in france in 2011

“An ambitious project brilliantly handled: an original approach to the familiar subject of werewolves. You could almost howlin admiration.” Le Figaro Magazine

“A story that weaves between time travel, werewolves andforbidden love, including everything that teenagers adore.”Ouest-France

“Lively, smart dialogue, unfailing imagination and a keen sense of fantasy and wonder: given all these qualities, it comes asno surprise that this bighearted writer’s books are a teensensation.” La Provence

SOPHIE AUDOUIN MAMIKONIAN is one of France’s most successful fantasy writer. From a family of writers, shestarted at the age of 12 and never quit. Her cult series Tara Duncan unleashes passions: a TV series, a videoclip and a musical soon.

Publication date: march 2011 & 2012

Pages: 380

Rights sold: cszech republic, brasil, greece, slovakia, korea

  • Michel Lafon Publishing
    118 avenue Achille Peretti
    CS 70024
    92521 Neuilly-sur-Seine Cedex
  • Honorine Dupuy d'Angeac
    Foreign Rights Manager
    +33 (0)1 41 43 09 79


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