High Voltage

Will a sister agree to a riski deal to get his brother out of the most dangerous prison inFrance ? How far willa father go to save his family from fous predators wha have invaded his house and who intend to stay there ? How did five criminals - a paedophile, a murderer, a former Serbian legionnaire, a kidnapper and an armed roober - end up in the same story and why Coste venture into this nest of vipers, endangering his loved ones ?

Lost souls, murders for love, fallen angel cops: the path of revenge sometimes leads to redemption...

In this last volume of the Captain Coste trilogy, Olivier Norek pushes his characters to breaking point - and when a member of his team is threatened, Coste embraces his demons. 


  • An author talked about, and followed, by the press and by his readers
  • Human treatment of wide-ranging situations
  • Masterful handling of suspense


Olivier Norek, lieutenant in the investigations department of the SDPJ 93 (a Paris-based wing of the French gendarmerie and author of Code 93 and Territories, two thrillers that were widely acclaimed by the press

Publication date: April 2016

Pages: 480

Rights sold: Spain, Czech

  • Michel Lafon Publishing
    118 avenue Achille Peretti
    CS 70024
    92521 Neuilly-sur-Seine Cedex
  • Roxana JAMET
    Foreign Rights Manager
    +33 (0)1 41 43 09 79


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