Bertrand & Lola

Why did Lola ring that doorbell? Why did Bertrand let a stranger in? And how can you fall madly in love withsomeone in just a few seconds?

Life would never be the same after that hot June day. For a few blissful, carefree hours, Bertrand and Lola forget alltheir other concerns: Lola, that she is getting married in a week; international reporter and photographer Bertrand,that he refuses to be tied down.

Finally, in spite of their sudden overwhelming passion, they make the most cautious and worst decision possible:to go their separate ways and return to their former lives. So Lola gets married and continues to work as a flightattendant, while Bertrand flies off to a distant country. But despite their decision, each is still obsessed with theother. And even if they might be strong enough to live their lives apart, fate seems to take a wicked pleasure inthrowing them together… until the day Bertrand is captured and held hostage by an armed group while reportingfrom Africa. So do they have the slightest chance of being reunited one day?

Publication date: February 2015

Pages: 497

Rights sold: Bulgaria, Italy, Russia

  • Michel Lafon Publishing
    118 avenue Achille Peretti
    CS 70024
    92521 Neuilly-sur-Seine Cedex
  • Roxana JAMET
    Foreign Rights Manager
    +33 (0)1 41 43 09 79


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