The very moment when destinies interwine

Kyle and Coryn were born in the same month of the same year: one in the USA, the other, in England. Withoutever having met, each suffers from the other’s absence, until the year they turn 30, when their destinies finallycross.

Kyle was 5 when, one morning, he saw a red stain on his mother’s temple. His father has just killed her. Startingfrom that moment life will never be the same. His sister’s love, his own passion for the piano, and his fear ofgrowing up to be like his father have all shaped him into the man he is today. And his globetrotting life with hisworld famous rock group helps him keep the demons of his past at a distance.

Coryn grew up in the suburbs of London, the only girl in 10 boys family. Forced to quit school at age 16, thefollowing year, she marries a charming and ambitious luxury-car dealer who turns out to be a violent bully. Shesuffers beatings, rape and humiliation for over 10 years and through 3 pregnancies.

A car accident in San Francisco will be the very moment when Kyle and Coryne’sdestines intertwine. Kyle’s quick intuition – and piercing love at first sight – will save Coryn’s life, providing herwith the support she needs to break out of her isolation, quit her husband and finally hit back by taking him to court.

A novel filled with hope that describes with terrifying precision the perverse and subtle cycle of domestic violenceand the incredible strength it takes to escape it.


The author

When my editor told me that I would have to introduce myself, I said « Yes ». But I thought « Ouch…….. ».I could call up my solitary childhood, my Russian grand-father, the afternoons I spent writing adventure stories.I could talk about my different professional experiences, about all the times I moved, about my joys and sorrows.I could never forget my American adventure as a story-teller for children in the American schools. But the essentialthing about writing is that little sparks in your eyes when the characters and their story become real when sharedwith the readers.


Publication date: January 2014

 Pages: 497

Rights sold: Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Russia

  • Michel Lafon Publishing
    118 avenue Achille Peretti
    CS 70024
    92521 Neuilly-sur-Seine Cedex
  • Roxana JAMET
    Foreign Rights Manager
    +33 (0)1 41 43 09 79


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