Foods to make us happy

What if happiness is also to be found in what we eat ? It is now scientifically proven that the composition and nutritive quality of many foods have an "anti-depressant" quality. As well as the taste pleasure they give us, fruits, vegetables, fish and meat contribute to our physical and also psychological well-being. Eating well can therefore truly be the start of feeling happy. 

Marie-Laurence Grézaud (re)introduces us to the miracle foodstuffs so beneficial for the organism when consumed regularly. Tomatoes, chocolate, beetroot, avocado, eggs, sardines and many others will appear in a different light... What are these foods, what do they contain that is so good for the brain, where to get them and how to treat them so that their qualities are preserved throughout the seasons ?  With the aid of practical sheets, this book will answer all your questions. Surprise: you will also learn that "demonised" foods, usually full of fat and sugar, are not necessarily our sworm enemies as long as they are eaten in moderation, with pleasure and free of guilt. 

Dr Bernard Fontanille continues the theme of pleasure. After revealing the secrets and mysteries of neurological circuits, he offers a tour of world foods via his experience of globe-trotting doctor and reminds us how important it is to make our meals into moments of pleasure and sharing. The right foods encourage happiness - and so does the resulting conviviality of shared meals. 


A and E doctor, Bernard Fontanille has travelled the world on medical missions, both as a team trainer and caring for patients. He is the co-author of the book Médecines d'ailleurs (Medicine from other places) and the televised series of eponymous documentaries on the channel Arte. 

Marie-Laurence Grezaud is a health and well-being journalist; an expert on nutrition, she is a reporter for Psychologies Magazine. 


Publication date: May2016

Pages: 280

Rights available: World

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