Don't be afraid of life

Patricia Darré tells us that mankind is entering a period of transition: the Earth is realigning itself, its vibrations are rising and its magnetic field becoming more rarefied. All these changes are affecting mankind both physically and psychologically, causing him to rethink his relationship to himself and to the world around him. 

The authors offers new insights into the "sleep paralysis" affecting many people, as well as into the experience of dying. 

She also reveals the recent, life-changing links she has established with two spirits. The first, Marcellus, a spirit that lives in her house and that lived in the 7th century at the time of the Franks. She also tells us that we can cohabit peacefully with invisible presences in our home and reflects on the relationship that these spirits have with time and with periods that seem radically different to our own. The second spirit is that of Dr William Lang, a British surgeon who worked in London and died in 1937. Even after passing to the other side, his passion for medicine led him to continue looking after those still in life. 


Patricia Darré, journalist and medium, author of the very succesful, A breath towards eternity, again explores the other side from her ESP, bringing us back thoughts and teachings thaht will help each of us live life more fully. 


Publication date: January 2016 

Pages: 280 

Rights available: World

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