The secret life of Fidel Castro

Juan Reynaldo Sanchez grew up in a middle-class family under Batista, entirely devoted to the cause of the Revolution and prepared to die for his leader. In 1977, after a military training, Juan Reynaldo Sanchez, a top level athlete, starts working as a personal security expert for Fidel Castro. 

He ewplains what the career of personal security expert (not to be confused with an ordinary"minder") involves. He describes his closeness to Fidel, the latter's psychology and how the notorious "libreta" (a book in which Fidel's every movement and activity was noted down, including what he ate, what fish he had caught and obviously all the personalities he met), which he had to keep up to date, gave him intimate access to every espect of Fidel's life. 

Who knows that the holiday house of the "commander" was not a fisherman's hut, as he always claimed, but rather a secret paradise island off the Bay of pigs where he invited only the closest family mambers and top-level international politicians ? He has 12 children born from 5 relations, he has an official wife since 1961, but had a lot of mistresses thaht he was visiting according to a fixed ritual. 

Castro was obsessed with his personal securityn principally because of the CIA's numerous attempts on his life. His entourage featured a "taster", a double (or rather a spitting image with the same profile who from distance was indistinguishable from the lider Maximo in a car) and two blood donors with the same blood group. 

Publication date: May 2014

Pages: 300

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