The single girl

Enough of stereotypes! Single young women don’t spend theirevenings in pajamas watching rom-coms and eating ice cream.In this uncompromising graphic novel, the writers - both experts onsingle life - blow away the usual clichés, reassuring us as they go.If you’re not in a couple, that mainly means you can lead a fun lifewithout worrying about baby’s feeding times or your partner’s buddiescoming round to watch the football game.

Follow the ups and downs of the Single Girl, a brilliantly colourfulcharacter who rarely loses face or her upbeat disposition, and learnhow to:

- identify an unattached male from the contents of his shopping cart;

- seize every chance to show your ex that you’re much happierwithout him;

- grasp every opportunity that comes your way (without tripping overthe bar mat).

A welcome dose of fun for girlfriends - and never mind the laughter lines!


IN DIA DESJARDIN S is the author of Journald’Aurélie Laflamme (Aurélie Laflamme’s Diary),France’s leading series for girls which has achievedcult status in Québec. MAGALIE FO UTRIER is a wellknownpress illustrator and lover of Earl Grey tea andchocolate cream cakes. In this new graphic novel, thetwo join forces to provide a new take on what it is tobe single.


Publication dateNovember 2012

 Pages: 64

Rights sold: Czech Republic

  • Michel Lafon Publishing
    118 avenue Achille Peretti
    CS 70024
    92521 Neuilly-sur-Seine Cedex
  • Roxana JAMET
    Foreign Rights Manager
    +33 (0)1 41 43 09 79


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